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The DIFY Balance Quiz

Everything on our planet needs balance to work.  Plants won’t grow if the soil and water don’t have the proper ph, balance.  An engine won’t run if it doesn’t have the right amount of oil and gas, balance.   The seasons always come in the same order, spring, summer, fall, winter. 

People are no different.  Physically, our bodies run perfectly when kept in balance.  Plenty of exercise, rest, food and fun keeps us going strong for a long time.  We also need balance in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial bodies.  We need this balance our whole lives both as children and adults.  When we aren’t balanced, our systems let us know. 

It’s easy to know when our rest or food balance is off.  We get tired or hungry.  But, how do we know when the other not so obvious areas are off balance?  We start getting hints like we get tired out more easily, or if our mental abilities aren’t quite balanced, we may get angry or cry or withdraw.  Unfortunately, we don’t pay as close attention to these warning signs as we do to when we hear our stomachs growling or are so tired that we can’t go any more.

Take this quick quiz to find out if you are as balanced as you need to be, in order for your child to live a happy, healthy, productive life.

On a piece of paper, jot down the rating you give each of the below statements on a scale of 1 to 5.      
1 = never,   2=almost never,   3=some of the time,  4=most of the time,  5=all of the time:

Rate Yourself

1. You exercise regularly keeping your body at a healthy weight.
2. Your inner voice tells you that your life is right on track.
3. You are even tempered and happy.  
4. You are comforted by the belief of a higher power of some kind. 
5. You are financially stable and are able to do what you want when you want.

Now, add up your score. 
Then, rate your children, one ata time, using the same scale (1-5), and answer the below questions:

Rate Your Child

1. Your child loves to spend the day playing video games. 
2. Your child says things like “I’m too dumb to…” or “I’m too fat to…” 
3. Your child either withdraws and/or acts out. 
4. Your child has a hard time with being grateful. 
5. Your child has to spend every cent the second he/she gets an money.

Now, add up each child's your score. 

To find out what your score means, click one of the below links
to recieve a complete analysis of your quiz scores.

Select a link below link based on Your Own score.

Score 5-10

Score 11-17

Score 18-25