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Parents Impact On Kids: Are you asking the right questions?

I am an advocate for children.  That is different than being a child advocate.  Not only do I advocate for children, I really advocate for and with parents. 

It seems like in order for parents to reach out for help, their family has to get to the zero hour, the last straw, the “can’t take one more day or I’ll explode” boundary before they see that they can’t go it alone.

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Get Curious, Create Balance

Ginny VanOeveren   DIFY (Do It For Yourself),  back to you with a few words about curiosity.

Have you ever noticed that your child asks a lot of why questions?  They drive you nuts, don’t they?  How about the how come? tag line?  That one used to make me crazy...when I didn’t have a clue what the answer was or even really understand the question.

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Watch your child’s play

Ginny here from DIFY (Do It For Yourself).  I wanted to send you a few words about play, specifically your kids and watching how they play.

I taught elementary kids for 17 years and there were many times that a child would have a problem on the playground.

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